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Coaching Programs

Currently, I have a 4-week intensive program designed for people in Transition.


Transitions in life can look different to different people. Maybe you are looking to make a change in your professional life. You are not happy in your job; you would like to make a career change but not sure how. Maybe personally you are looking to make a change in how you look and feel. Maybe you want to make a change in a relationship you are currently in.   

Each coaching program can vary in time frame. For the most common programs, you can choose 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. This is discussed between the coach and the client to determine the best outcome.



Client Testimonial 
Claire is a deep thinker, reflective observer and an empathic listener. She has coached me for over a decade, supporting me in staying true to my authentic self, resilient in challenging, life-changing moments. Her messages are consistent and they are clear. I have control over what I will manifest for myself. I have control over my outlook and approach to all things “tough”.  I always look forward to my time with Claire; her perspective is refreshing as she draws on and reminds me of my strengths. She is honest and has a wonderful sense of humour. She keeps me focused on the journey, in what we learn and how we grow. She does not simply give advice, she works with me to plan, to set goals that attribute to my wellbeing- my ultimate happiness- to what will bring me joy.  Thank you, Claire always- for your ongoing support, coaching and friendship.
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