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Life Coaching

What You Can Expect From Working With A Life Coach


  • We will start will a discovery call, to identify where you are at and where you want to be

  • This allows us to set goals and design actionable strategies

  • I will provide homework – such as reading, journaling etc.

  • On-going evaluation of progress as we move through the program 

  • Always providing on-going support! 


Once we have completed our session together, we will re-evaluate where

you are at and determine the next steps. 

I have created a 3-Pillar Coaching Program, designed to help you take action and hold you accountable on a weekly basis


My Coaching Programs are designs around 3 Pillars;


1. Uncover - where you are now.

2. Discover - where you want to be.

3. Rise - up to where you want to go.

Client Testimonial 


As a result of the coaching I received from Claire, I now love ME! She taught me how to choose my own destiny by using daily affirmations and vision boards. Over the years I have been able to use the techniques Claire taught me: I set a goal and see myself achieving it; I trust and listen to my inner self; I can now use my positive energy to overcome any stress that arises in my life! Claire was always honest with me and I could trust her with anything. She is an exceptional listener and her perspective on things is a blessing. I cannot thank Claire enough for all of her support and guidance!  Marci K  

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