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Life is full of transitions. A lifestyle change begins with a vision and a single step

Are you ready to make that first step?

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Transitional Coaching


I work with people that have found themselves in a place of life transition, a place they might not have thought they would be in at this time in their life. A life transition can look different from person to person. Maybe you are looking to change your job, maybe you are not happy in your current relationship, maybe you are still struggling to love yourself. I can help give you the tools to move forward.

Life Coaching


Are you at a stage in your life where you ask yourself - Could I be more? Could I do more? Could I look better? Many of us get to a point in life where we stop and reflect, we look at where we are currently and where we want to go. These thoughts can be overwhelming and frustrating. Working with a Life Coach will give you direction and tools to get you to the place you desire.  

Wellness Programs

I customize and design programs for corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals.

I work alongside an incredible team of coaches in the fields of nutrition, fitness, stress management, and more, so I can offer you the assistance that works for your specific concern.

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I'm looking forward to working together. Claire

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