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Coaching For Men

Why work with a Life Coach?


In today's world there are many pressures for men. Their job, succeeding, family, maintaining friendships, maintaining good health, It’s hard to balance it all. Studies have shown men are least likely to reach out for help then women. Men will not usually ask for tools to help them get through tough and challenging times. Working with a life coach is different then counselling or therapy. We support where you are now and create a plan to get you to where you want to go in your personal or professional life.     

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What you can expect from working with a Life Coach.


We will help you create a plan, design action steps and hold you accountable on a weekly basis

  • We will start will a discovery call, to identify where you are at and where you want to be

  • From there we will determine the best program for you

  • Each program requires a questionnaire to fill out to determine your current situation 

  • This allows us to set goals and design actionable strategies

  • We will provide homework – such as reading, journaling etc.

  • On-going evaluation of progress as we move through the program 

  • Always providing on-going support! 

Client Testimonial 


What can I say about Claire? She has become a dear friend, and wonderful Life Coach. Claire has been able to help me realize my potential, and self worth. Claire has taught me about wellness; both spiritually, and physically. I would highly recommend her expertise. Claire’s gentle, yet truthful manner is extremely comforting and uplifting. Thank you, Claire!  James R. 

Let's Work Together


The first step is to Book a Complimentary Discovery call. Together we will determine the right program to take the next step. 

Providing Direction Through Life's Many Changes
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