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Hello and Welcome

My name is Claire and I am the CEO and Founder of Antares Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching.

I am excited to introduce myself and share with you what it is I do. My passion for helping people came at a young age. I became a Registered Massage Therapist in my early twenties. I knew I had the ability to help people on a physical level. As my love for the practice and profession grew, I learned a lot of people’s physical struggles were due to their mismanaged lives and the stress they lived with daily.


After 12 years of practice, I decided to become a Certified Life Coach. I wanted to help people in more than just a physical way. My journey as an RMT and Life Coach was wonderful, I loved helping people and being an entrepreneur.

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At about 20 years I was getting tired and was looking for a new challenge. I was offered a job in the corporate world. I helped grow a company to a national level. It was fun, fast-paced with lots of travel. I really enjoyed my job and the people I worked with but, after almost 5 years, I was miserable and wanted out! I missed working with people directly, I missed being my own boss, I missed helping people create the lives they wanted to live. It was time to go back to what I loved.


This is how Antares Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching was created.

After leaving my job in July 2019, I decided I wanted to own my own business again. I had been through many changes in my own life personally and professionally in the past two years, I knew I wanted to take all I had learned and overcome and get back to coaching again. That is when Antares Lifestyle Coaching was created!


I created my 3-pillar program to help people move through challenging times and help them get to a place they really want to be in life. I would love the opportunity to help you transition to the life you truly deserve!   



Looking forward to working together. 

Much love, Claire  

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